Asmirandah born in Jakarta on October 5, 1989. This beautiful virgin fame when starring in soap operas THIS taste? and LOVE SMU 2. After that the girl was familiarly called Button starred in several soap operas such as mating pendants, MEANING OF LOVE, LOVE MOST, MOST LOVING 2, YOU STILL beloved, Wulan, HEAVEN YOU, BABY DOLL, and Melody. Button has also been a Rexona ad star, Pangkey Chocolate, Chocolate Gery and Suzuki Spin.

Not only adept at acting in front of the screen glass, soap star SEKAR also start reaching into the director. For starters, Button, name calling, video clips of the band will be directing newcomers, Robin Hood.

Unsparing, even Button is also a duet with Robin Hood and the video clips on a single model Wrong Notices.

Currently, the Button is preparing his solo album. The plan is a solo album Axe perfume commercials will be released in June 2009.

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