Since the split from Damien Perez, until now, the sexy actress Julia Perez did not officially co-exist with other men. Even if there was a man who had been there at his side, was none other than Gaston Castano. However, Jupe, so he was intimately called, prefer to call Gaston status as a good friend.

Even so, on the other hand Jupe did not hesitate to consider Gaston as the only man who can now be excited. Gaston was the one who makes Jupe shaking. And passion can be seen in one scene in the movie BOONGAN WIFE.

Without doubt, the hot bite lip Jupe Gaston. "He's a man who can make me excited," she admitted when PPHUI met in Jakarta, Friday (2 / 7). Togetherness with Gaston recognized Jupe is a special blessing for the artists who had been nominated as this Pacitan cawabub.

"If one can not not seeing anything, he just may be the same blessing I've been feeling really," said Jupe. Gaston felt he had to give a sense of comfort to him during this. Likewise with Gaston, the status is not a big problem for them.

"If it should not be going out with Mom, let me just get married later direct, any woman who does not Pingin married," he added casually.

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