Once again it is printed by the band boasts the homeland, Wali. After they broke the previous record for the highest seller in Indonesia RBT, now owned by Guardian song was sung by a musician in Europe, Fabrizio Faniello. And who was elected to the English adapted it as a song is a song Find love match.

"That's actually our colleagues. Parties Fabrizio has been asking for permission with the publisher that is Nagaswara about four months ago. When confirmed our side, Wali Band aja OK," explained Apoy, guitarist Mayor, when contacted by telephone ™, Friday (07/02) afternoon.

Admittedly, this is a pride for the mayor. However, they also hit confused at first.

"I am proud at the same time confused, because a composer who makes music that if not one who created the songs of Celine Dion and nearly 90% similar with original songs. This is actually those who do not know or kitanya kepedean? At first they question, 'Is this what song? Kok notation like this. " Finally we can hear if the song Find Jodoh want contrived version of the UK, yes we are thrilled. Maybe with a few changes, lest they liked with the notation, "explained Apoy length.

At least, they hoped it would be a good omen for careers Wali Band in the future.

"Hopefully this a good sign. They are much experienced but want to bring our songs," he asserted.

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